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When it comes to insurance, compucover strives to make sure that it provides the most competitive and comprehensive cover that it can.

To this end, one of our key selling points to customers is our guarantee for each insurance policy taken out to have NO EXCESS. We feel this is a vital draw to our customers and one that we are sure you, as a reseller, will understand as being hugely appealing. Additionally we offer worldwide cover, an effective claims validation process, a choice of cover up to 4 years, and all the administration leg work carried out by ourselves.

Being a specialist in IT insurance we make sure that we cover the following electronic devices: Laptops; Netbooks; Tablets; Desktops; PDA's; iPad's; Projectors; Whiteboards; Servers and more. Should we receive a claim that is deemed to be unrepairable we will guarantee a like for like replacement item, and if this isn't available we will upgrade the item to the next higher specification free of charge.*

To find out more about compucover products and to benefit from our expertise and experience check out our contact us page.

Insurance Features and Benefits

No Excess – we do not require any customer to pay a contribution towards any claim they make

Effective claims validation – with a dedicated UK based claims team that you can actually talk to

Benefit from our expertise – As one of the UK's leading specialist insurers of laptops, netbooks and tablets, we have created a network of experts with whom we work including insurers and repairers. This enables us to ensure that the service you receive is smooth and efficient. We also use our expertise to support you by providing printed information such as leaflets to keep you informed with helpful tips about how to take care of your equipment, and what to do in the event of a spillage.

*subject to terms and conditions

Extended Warranty

We understand that mechanical breakdown and faults with IT equipment is inevitable. This is why we feel offering an extended warranty product twinned with our insurance product sets us apart from the crowd.

We can extend the warranty cover up to an additional 4 years if the item has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard, and by 3 years if the item comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. An extension to warranty cover can be taken out any time up until the end of the manufacturer's warranty period.

Again we offer a NO EXCESS policy to our customers and as we have found this to be a particular draw to our customers.

Mechanical or electrical malfunction with IT equipment will be validated through our fast and efficient claims process and collected and returned for without charge anywhere within the UK.*

To find out more about warranty and the benefits of offering our compucover extended warranty products please find the relevant contact on our contact us page.

Extended Warranty Features and Benefits

Covers mechanical breakdown

Efficient claims validation process

Collection and repair free in the UK

No Excess

Choice of cover from between 1 and 4 years

*subject to terms and conditions