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You may be interested in finding out what it is Summit Insurance Services does

Well first things first. To really understand why becoming a reseller with us would be of great benefit to you, I must first take you on a brief tour of our history.

Established in 1996, the company had one key goal. This was to be an industry leader in supplying insurance cover to IT equipment. The company originating in London found its feet and began to run. The company's phenomenal growth has continued throughout its 25 year history, finding a permanent home in the historic town of Rugby, Warwickshire.

Since Summit Insurance Services began, the one key goal the company had on its first day is still its most important one. Every day we continue to strive to improve on the necessary aspects to successfully continue to grow. We maintain a vigilant and dedicated approach to providing excellent customer service that we know is a cornerstone of any successful insurance and warranty business. This portal is our way of taking this dedication to providing excellent customer service to the next level as we aim to not only be completely accessible to our customers but also to our resellers. We feel that providing excellent customer service has become even more vital with the FCA's 'treating customers fairly' initiative.

One of our proudest achievements is the efficiency and productivity of our dedicated claims department. Acting without prejudice and premeditation we feel our claims department adopts a professional approach to all claims.

Finally, it is important to mention our sales team, benefitting from over 10 years of experience in the insurance sector they are constantly looking for new opportunities and are the heart and soul of Summit Insurance Services. Combining passion and enthusiasm the sales team have contributed immeasurably to the growth and success for the company for the past decade.

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